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Family Office

Singapore has established itself as one of the leading private banking and wealth management centres globally and in Asia. On the back of rising growth of Asian wealth, an increasing number of families are considering their wealth in Singapore through formal structures, such as family offices.

SW Wealth Services offers Single Family Office (SFO) which manages assets for or on behalf of only one family and is wholly owned or controlled by members of the same family. 
We invest in relationships and put our clients’ interest first by working in partnership with our dedicated client advisors to develop and implement a roadmap for you and your family’s successful wealth transitions.

We cover:

  • Setting up Single Family Office
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Tax planning, immigration and re-domiciliation
  • Liaison on Family Trust matters
  • Investment advisory
  • Liaise with government bodies
  • Risks Assessment
  • liaison on legal related matters and many more
We ensure only the best opportunities are selected for your investments in philanthropy, private equity, real estate and beyond.
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Key Contact

Koay Tatt Chong

Head of Private Wealth Services

Fund Accounting & Fund Administration

SW Wealth Services Fund Accounting & Administration provides fund administration services to private equity, venture capital, real estate and alternative assets funds for asset managers and sovereign wealth funds worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting function
  • Administration services
  • Bank account opening
  • Assisting in regulatory application & filing matters
  • Assisting in fund domiciling, investment vehicles and related matters
  • Rendering investor maintenance, back office services & administration services based on project / client needs (KYC, onboarding, reporting, compliance, portfolio analytics & data access)
  • Liaison and working with expertise across private capital asset classes based on project/client needs

Key Contact

Kent Lim, Managing Partner
Chief Executive Officer

Koay Tatt Chong
Head of Private Wealth Services

Toh Soo Yee
Head of Fund Accounting