Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a social responsible organisation to make proactive and positive contributions to the communities and society has been an integral part of our culture and development.

By collaborating with non-profit making and charitable organisations, supporting the underprivileged groups, promoting sustainable and green living and caring the physical and mental health of our people, we continue to create values for all our stakeholders and help build a better community.

Theme of 2022: Unite for Change

Catalyst for Change Campaign

In November 2022, some SW Singapore employees took time off to clean the beach in support of SW International’s “Catalyst for Change” campaign.
This campaign brings together all of us within our SW network to take part in volunteering activities or charity opportunities, enabling us to connect for a good cause and share our values.
This CSR event further highlights our commitment towards a cleaner and more sustainable world. 

SW Singapore Clean the Beach

Member Firms’ CSR Activities